Mantra Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Mumbai, India, which aims to rejuvenate the power of Indian culture, Art Forms and its rich tradition.

Following are the two main objectives of the foundation:


Indian Values are deeply ingrained in its society. Not only will we be able to assimilate Western Technology into our own culture, but will be stronger for it. Mantra Foundation works in direction of promoting the traditional Arts and Crafts along with showcasing the Indian literature, music and dance forms in limelight and encourage the youths towards it. Organising national and international cultural festivals & events, promoting cultural exchange programs on national and international levels and establishing annual signature events.

To improve the livelihoods of rural communities by generating economic, agricultural, educational and cultural empowerment. Mantra Foundation aims to provide them with Education, Skill Development and Self Help programs, so that they may have equal footing by every parameter.

The activity of Mantra Foundation was initially limited to the promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage of India - focussing on dance, music and literature.  Have sponsored classical dance and music shows.

Mantra Foundation widened its horizon and also moved into the craft sector, working primarily with artisans to improve their livelihoods, weavers in the handloom sector, textile printers, as well as, hand block and screen printers using vegetable dyes, women's self help groups with embroideries and quilting. The quilt making exercise was an experiment in upcycling fabric.

Supported by the CSR arm of Mantra Exports Pvt. Ltd., Mantra Foundation, spread its activities and initiated programs, working towards development of Sustainable Rural Economy, with some precise activities and administrative structure as project based development organisation, supporting Vidyankur, an organisation which was working towards skilling youth from rural areas orienting  them to make better life choices, and open up a new world of possibilities for them. There's no measure to the enthusiasm and energy that the youths have and once propelled positively, they can change the course for an entire generation providing basic education and skill development of school drop outs in the Tribal Area of Palghar in Maharashtra.

1. Promotion and Preservation of our Cultural Heritage :

2. Sustainable Rural Economies :


Mantra Foundation

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